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Bob Olson's BMT Layout

Bob's scratch built elevated structure follows the construction of the Fulton Street El and when completed, will include the Sands Street Station complex. His Brooklyn Fleet includes B.U. El cars, C-types, and Q-Types - all scratch built - on the El. Notice that the elevated line winds it's way around and between the kit-bashed and scratch built buildings. All the track is hand laid and includes live third rail that powers the El trains.

On the street, Bob runs 8000's, 6000's, a PCC and convertible type cars, again all built from scratch. One of his most unusual cars is number 4600. The BRT built this articulated car from two single truck cars and includes a small section between the two main sections - also known as "two rooms and a bath". His roster also includes a 4700 car also rebuilt from a convertible into a single ended enclosed car for the Canarsie Shuttle line.

Progress is being made on the el station. The station buildings and canapies have been added, as well as the stairway and railings.

Construction has begun on the Sands Street Terminal complex.

More pictures will be added as construction proceeds.


This page created on 3-9-2004